MIUI CSX V12.5.18.0 Port for POCO F3/Redmi K40/Mi 11X (Alioth)

MIUI CSX V12.5.18.0


All Details for the ROM is Listed Below

MIUI VersionV12.5.18.0
Android Version11
Updated2 September 2022

Supported Devices:

  • POCO F3
  • Redmi K40
  • Mi 11X

MIUI Changelogs:

  1. Updated security patch
  2. Incresased system stability

Device Changelogs:

  1. Inch To Inch Modded UI
  2. Added China Launcher Animations
  3. Added Google Setup wizard
  4. Added Latest game Turbo
  5. Added Kurama Boot Logo
  6. Added Gaming Tweaks Best MIUI Mod For Performance
  7. Added Advanced Floating Window Customization
  8. Second Space is Now
  9. > Shadow Clone
  10. Updated Ringtone To Raising Fighting Remix
  11. Added Privacy Protoction Lab
  12. Touch Sounds are taken From Sony Xperia 5 IV
  13. Added DT2S In Launcher
  14. Added Taplus
  15. Added Advanced DND
  16. Added Support For Aliothin(MI 11X)
  17. Full R/W System
  18. Enabled Each And Every MIUI Special Features
  19. Fully-Debloated
  20. App Permissions Fixed
  21. Smart Charging Thermals
  22. Added AI Image Enhancement
  23. Added sunlight Mode
  24. Added charging Animation
  25. Decrypted By Default
  26. Added Crimson sharingan bootanimation
  27. Completely New UI Sounds
  28. Added Dynamic Refresh Rate
  29. Updated Refresh Rate Settings
  30. Added Sidebar
  31. Updated Control Center
  32. Added Device Frame In SS
  33. Unlocked Higher Fps In Supported Games
  34. MIUI Launcher With Tons Of Customizations (IOS, Old-School ,Cubic Style, IOS Reverse, Much More-Added )
  35. Added 90HZ
  36. Updated Haptics
  37. Added Anti-Flicker
  38. Disabled Annoying 10Sec Pop-Up
  39. Added sounds From Sony Xperia 5 IV
  40. Added Unlimited Google Photos storage
  41. Fixed dolby
  42. Added Auto Refresh Rate
  43. Best Efficient And Gaming Thermals
  44. Unlocked Few Camera Modes
  45. Unlocked 4k60Fps Recording
  46. Dynamic Gaming And Charge Thermals
  47. Enabled Quickboot
  48. Added Ability To Disable System Apps
  49. Added SKKK-A11 Recovery
  50. Enabled Wideband
  51. Boost Booting Speed & Hibernate Mode


  1. • For Addons Refer To Support Group.
  2. • Flash If Battery Isn't a Concern and You want Pure Raw performance.
  3. • Will Release Stable Builds on Weekly basis.


  • Everyone Who Helped me to Make This Build Possible
  • @harshgupte @Monkey_D_Useless @RupeshRN and @KrauserALIOTHIN thanks for ur help guys literally this wouldn't be happend without u all
  • @AerorX7
  • @AshikX75
  • @Ninex_ConSciousX
  • Team CSX